About Embrace

Embrace is a pregnancy care program designed to meet the needs of expectant refugee mothers. Quality pre-natal and post-natal education is vital for every woman. It is especially important that refugee women receive this type of education as most of them are unfamiliar with American healthcare procedures. Embrace provides workshops, hospital visits and tours, relationship networks with local healthcare organizations and more!


Refugee families experiencing healthy, empowered and culturally-sensitive pregnancy and birth in the US.


To support, advocate for and educate refugees throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

To empower and train refugee women to serve as childbirth assistants and educators within their ethnic communities.

Core Values

Cultural Sensitivity

Though childbirth is an experience connecting women from every culture in the world, childbirth is not void of culture.Embrace seeks to understand birth cultures and find ways to integrate a refugee’s home culture into her birth experience in America.


Birth has the potential to be an empowering or invalidating time in a woman’s life. In it’s work to help women achieve empowering birth experiences, Embrace provides refugees information about the options and procedures they will encounter so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their child.


Recognizing that there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources in the Atlanta community, Embraceintentionally seeks partnership with refugees, volunteers, refugee resettlement organizations, care providers, doulas, childbirth educators and others across philosophical, ethnic and faith backgrounds.

Biblical Justice & Compassion

Our work is propelled by God’s priority for the poor and marginalized as expressed in the Old and New Testament. Though the founders of Embrace are followers of Jesus, we serve refugee women and welcome volunteers of all faith backgrounds.

Embrace is currently a program of Friends of Refugees, a non-profit organization serving the Clarkston community.


Currently, classes are held quarterly at the Clarkston Community Center. Class updates will be coming soon.

Childbirth Education Class – Refugees

  • This class is for refugee women desiring to understand what to expect and how to prepare for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience in the United States.
  • Pregnant refugees and anyone who might be attending the birth or translating for you is welcome

Breastfeeding & Baby Care Class

  • This class provides information on the benefits, methods and resources for breastfeeding.
  • This class provides helpful tips on how to care for your baby during the first days & months of life (feeding, diapering, sleeping, pediatrician, fussy babies, etc)

Women’s Health Class

  • Course Description Coming Soon….

Volunteer Training

  • This is a two part class: part 1 is a Cross Cultural Training & part 2 is a Pregnancy/Labor Support Training. In the Cross Cultural training will explain what it means to be a refugee. We will also discuss what it means to be culturally sensitive. Finally, how you can help to empower the women you partner with during this special time in their lives. During part 2 of the training we will provide you with an overview of the birth process, practical comfort techniques for laboring women, options during labor/birth, and how to help refugee women to advocate for themselves during their perinatal experience.
  • This class is for refugees or volunteers wanting to partner with us.



Pregnancy and Birth Support

Provide informational, emotional and physical support to refugees throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Refugee Childbirth Education Course

Course for refugees that provides an overview of what they will encounter during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience in the United States.
Taught by certified childbirth educators.

Refugee Labor/Birth Support Training Program

Course for refugees preparing them to serve women in their ethnic/language communities. This class is a part of the Volunteer Training.

Refugee Breastfeeding and Baby Care Course

Course for refugees covering the basics of breastfeeding and troubleshooting any breastfeeding problems as well as new baby care.

Pregnancy Support

Provides an opportunity for American moms and refugee moms to connect in friendship
American moms can provide practical assistance to refugee mothers through helping in preparations for the arrival of a new baby. This may include everything from taking a mom to her prenatal appointments, helping secure baby supplies to providing emotional support during this transition into mommyhood.

Lunch-n-Learns for Care Providers

Gathering for those currently offering or interested in offering maternity services to refugees
Opportunity to share information and discuss ways Embrace can assist care providers in serving the refugee population.