About Refugee Family Literacy

The Refugee Family Literacy Program is a nonprofit school located in the heart of Clarkston, Georgia where immigrant mothers and children learn together. A family literacy program, we offer ESOL classes for refugee women and an early childhood development program for their young children. We exist because we have seen what happens when women and children receive foundational education: the entire family thrives for generations to come. Thank you for supporting us in this important work.

Our students come from more than a dozen countries from around the world: Eritrea, Burma, Bhutan, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Burundi. All are welcome regardless of race, nationality or religion. Eligibility is for all immigrant women who have children under 5 yrs. old.

We offer Adult ESOL Classes and an early childhood development program for children ages 0-5 four days each week. Students receive 7-9 hours of weekly instruction. Classes meet Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00-12:30. Electives meet on Fridays at varying times.

Classes are held in the Clarkston International Bible College Education Wing at 3895 Church St, Clarkston, GA 30021.

​If you are interested in enrolling or if you know of someone who would thrive at our school, contact Jennifer Green, Program Director, for more information: jennifer@friendsofrefugees.com, 404-323-0260.