Our Services

Our services and programs exist to empower refugees as they become thriving and participating American citizens. Friends of Refugees can be most effective in serving our friends by interacting with them on a regular basis over an extended period of time.

Jolly Avenue Development Center

“The Jolly Avenue Development Center desires to transform an area afflicted by crime and poverty into a closely-knit neighborhood where families flourish and abundant opportunity for self-improvement can be found. The objective of the JADC project is to support FOR in its mission (opportunities for well-being, education and employment), in a way that stewards our donors’ resources best through a self-sustaining Center. This undertaking breaks new national boundaries in low-cost ‘green’ building and will change the very face of environmental design and construction. Families who come into contact with this center will find what they need to realize the potential they possess; because, while intelligence, ability and ambition are evenly distributed throughout humanity, the opportunity to deploy them for success is not. We’re going to change that.”