Summer Camp – Get Involved

There are three simple ways to get involved with our camp, Summer Spectacular:

1. Summer Internship - College students have the opportunity to spend 10 weeks this summer loving and serving Clarkston families through Summer Spectacular.

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2. Help Us Cover the Cost - Because many refugee families in our community have low incomes, we only charge parents $40 to send their child to our camp for the entire summer. However, the expense to Friends of Refugees is much greater than $40 (about $740 per child). Please help us keep the cost low for the parents and continue running a quality summer camp.

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3. Donate or Purchase Items - Have extra supplies laying around that we could put to good use?  Could you purchase an item and send it to us as a tax-deductible donation?

Contact Josh Smith to arrange donation drop-off (

Look below for items that you could donate or purchase!

Donation List

Special Items for 2014

Padded Carrying Case for NEC NP216 LCD Projector ($45)

Large bags of rice (150lbs total, $120)

Clipboards (8 needed)


Hand sanitizer

Zip lock bags (Quart and gallon)

First Aide supplies (Band Aids, Gauze pads, Rubber gloves)

Trash bags (55 gallon drum)

Toilet Paper

Hand soap

Dish Soap

Tape (Duct, masking)


Pencils (wooden)

Kids’ scissors

Filler paper


Playing cards for math games (new or used) – 50 sets needed

Scrimmage jerseys


Nail polish


Play dough

Jump ropes

Personal photo albums

Bug catchers


Paint brushes



Josh Smith, Director

Phone: 864-909-2954