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Empowering students to thrive through opportunities for academic support, social development, and work-readiness skills by giving access to resources and relationships.

Refugee youth are extraordinary in their resiliency and unique life perspective.  Their independence and influence in their families is both a strength and a place of vulnerability as they navigate between where they come from and where they are now.  Youth Programs partners with volunteers, organizations, and churches to empower students through year-round opportunities for mentoring and recreation programs. During the summer months, we engage youth through Summer Spectacular Camp.

About Youth Programs

During the school year, Friends Youth Mentoring offers mentoring, recreation, and academic support to middle and high school students in the Clarkston community. Clarkston Youth Soccer provides soccer and life skills to youth as they participate in practices and games. 

We continue to invest in the Clarkston community through Summer Spectacular, where we strive to provide a safe space for children during the summer months and to create a platform for building meaningful relationships. Our urban day camp incorporates academic support, recreation, job training, and character development for 1st through 12th grade students. 

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To get involved as an intern or a volunteer contact:
Susan McDaniel

Tuesday through Thursday, we offer mentoring programming for 6th-12th grade students. This time focuses on physical activity, entrepreneurship, community service, college prep, and other student interests but it’s so much more than that.

We have fun. We do life together. We celebrate each other’s successes. We walk together through hardship and mistakes. We help each other achieve our goals. We are a family as we love, pray and learn together. 

Over the past 17 years, Summer Camp has been striving to be a good neighbor by listening to the challenges that refugee youth and their families face.

For seven weeks each summer, around 120 campers participate in our urban day camp, Summer Spectacular. Staff, interns, and volunteer teams work together to provide a safe place where we can all learn, grow, work, and play together. Each week during camp hours, we play games, we learn, we do art, we make music, and we build character while having fun. We also welcome opportunities for field trips and special visits that allow our campers to experience new things. Outside of camp, we connect with families while learning and serving in the Clarkston community. 

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