To help refugees build abundant new lives in America


New Americans flourishing as our neighbors and friends


At Friends of Refugees, we walk alongside resettled refugees and new Americans, empowering them in their journey to build an abundant, flourishing life in America.

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Welcoming Relationships

For newly resettled refugees, the first five years in America are crucial to successful cultural integration into America. Without opportunities to address social, economic and wellness needs, flourishing in America can be delayed and the risk of poverty increases.

At Friends of Refugees, we create opportunities for building new relationships and growing social connections. We want to empower our neighbors with skills, confidence, and knowledge to advocate for themselves, and celebrate their beautiful array of cultures, foods, and language.


“When I came [to America], … it was tough.”

– Rukaiya, Growing Leader alumna

Learn how our staff comes alongside our new neighbors as they acclimate to life in America.

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Friends since 1995

We have worked with our refugee neighbors in our home of Clarkston, GA since it was designated a refugee resettlement city in the 1990s.








Since 1995, we have been welcoming our refugee neighbors and have identified the greatest barriers to healthy cultural integration into American life.

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Health and well-being

Refugees are seeking support as they learn to navigate our complex healthcare system. They also need opportunities to form in-person relationships, and access calm, natural spaces to aid in trauma and grief recovery. Our range of programs provides everything from support to mothers giving birth in America for the first time, to community gardens, where refugees can connect, use their skills and celebrate their food cultures.

Boi San

I’ve made a lot of friendships in the Growing Leaders program…Even when it’s hard to make conversation together because of a language barrier, we can work together on projects. We can enjoy planting together and taking care of the garden.

– Boi San, Growing Leader alumnus

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Refugees want learning opportunities. English proficiency opens educational, social, and economic opportunities that are key to healthy cultural integration into American life. We provide language classes for mothers and their pre-K children, as well as English instruction for pre-literate adult women. Our summer youth experience provides elementary-aged refugee children access to continued summer education, physical exercise and art-based therapy.

Khatera Barati

“’Parwana’… means butterfly in Dari. When I listen to women in my community, I hear so much hunger for education. They’re hungry to learn. Education is the thing that allows members of my community to spread their wings and fly.”

– Khatera Barati, Parwana Program Coordinator and resident intern

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Refugees and New Americans want to provide for themselves and their families. But a lack of exposure and experience with the American workplace, or underdeveloped business networks, take many employment opportunities off the table. Our programming seeks to prepare refugees and New Americans for their next job as well as mentor local entrepreneurs who want to run their own small business.


“[working at Embrace] gives me the opportunity of being helpful to other refugees, especially mothers and children at the same time.”

– Hasina, Program Impact Associate and Afghan Community Liaison


Ask any of our employees, volunteers, or supporters: The real joy behind Friends of Refugees comes from the relationships that are formed with our neighbors.

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Will you be a friend?

There are many ways to join us as we share abundant life in flourishing communities with our refugee and New American neighbors.

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Tiffany Alley

Everyone has compassion, but effective compassion is something else entirely… I feel proud to… translate that empathy into lasting relationships and impact.

– Tiffany Alley

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