Much of what happens in Clarkston is pushing the boundary lines of what anyone has yet documented in several spheres of study and practice.

If your professional growth and/or research goals align with the efforts of Friends of Refugees, we can work with you to explore an internship experience that will help you accomplish your learning or research goals while growing the thought-leadership that several of our programs are offering in their professional fields.

Many of our programs have existing structured semester internships: 

  • Summer Youth Experience
  • Jolly Avenue Garden (Summer)
  • Embrace Birth Support
  • Communications

As a growing non-profit with an innovative leadership team and six creative programs, there is an opportunity for you no matter your field of study. We are able to customize internships to meet specific educational or research needs. Public health? Help us discover new ways to ensure healthy births for refugee mothers. Accounting? Work with our bookkeeper and development coordinator on donor experience and development. Marketing? Get the word out about what is happening in this community! Need a place to conduct your research? Want to work with youth, families, education, ESL? Let’s discuss the possibilities.


Current Internship Opportunities