General Refugee Information

What is a Refugee?

Where are Refugees from?

How do I get a donation receipt for my contributions?
Go to the Contact page, fill out the form, and write out the date range request for donation receipt in the message portion of the form.

How do I update or cancel my ongoing donation?
Go to to update online or check donations.

Does Friends of Refugees accept furniture donations?
No, Friends of Refugees does not accept furniture donations. We recommend donating to the Welcome Co-op, an organization that works in partnership with resettlement agencies to prepare suitable housing for newly arriving families. They are accepting donated furniture in good condition, along with volunteers to help set up apartments for new families.

Does Friends of Refugees accept clothing donations?
Friends of Refugees only accepts new or gently used 0-3M girl clothing. All other clothing donations we recommend donating to Shop of Hope, a special thrift store where refugees can “shop” for items at no cost. They accept gently used or new clothing and shoes. You can find drop off information on their website.

What physical donations does Friends of Refugees accept?
Agriculture & Nutrition
– New or gently used functioning garden items.

Parwana- classroom wishlist

Embrace Refugee Birth
– 0-3M new or gently used clothing (gender neutral onesies preferred)
– New or gently used car seats (preferably the carrier type – not a heavy convertible seat)
– Pack ‘n Plays
Refugee Family Literacy
– New or gently used items from their wishlist.
Hospitality House
– Items from our Amazon Wishlist.
For further inquiries, fill out the form on our Contact page.

Can Friends of Refugees help me or a Refugee I know get a job?
Friends of Refugees no longer provides walk-in Career Hub services. If you need help getting a job or accessing employment, go to Inspiritus located at 3919 Church Street, Clarkston, GA 30021 on Thursdays from 9AM-5PM. For questions, visit or call (404) 875-0201.

I am a business looking to hire Refugees: Can you connect me to Refugees looking for jobs?
Friends of Refugees no longer makes this employment connection. We recommend you contact Inspiritus via their website or call them at (404) 875-0201.

Is Friends of Refugees a 501c3?
Yes, Friends of Refugees has been a 501c3 since 2005, recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt as a public charity. Donations made to Friends of Refugees are tax deductible.

Is Friends of Refugees a resettlement agency?
Friends of Refugees is not a resettlement agency. Resettlement agencies contract with the U.S. Department of State to provide services such as reception, basic orientation, food, shelter and health services to refugees during their first six months in the US. Friends of Refugees assists Refugees after their initial 90 day resettlement period.

What are the resettlement agencies working in Atlanta, GA?
There are four refugee resettlement agencies who serve as the first point of contact for any refugee arriving in the Atlanta area:
International Rescue Committee
New American Pathways
Catholic Charities Atlanta

What services do Friends of Refugees Offer?
Friends of Refugees offers a variety of services in the Stone Mountain and Clarkston, Georgia areas. Please note, we do not provide transportation to any of our programs.
Our programs are:
Embrace Refugee Birth Support: supports, advocates for, and educates Refugees throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. Any pregnant woman can be immediately connected to this program!
Jolly Avenue Garden: offers growing space where Refugee gardeners can grow their own food.
Refugee Family Literacy: a two-generation family literacy school for Refugee women and young children in Clarkston and Stone Mountain, Georgia. Mothers with children 5 years old and younger are eligible for registration. Class is twice a week for both mother and child from 9AM-12:30PM. There is currently a waiting list to be registered. If you or someone you know is eligible and interested, click here to get on the waitlist.
Start:ME Atlanta: free small business training program that provides entrepreneurs the tools and connections necessary to build and grow successful businesses.

How do I volunteer with Friends of Refugees?
Visit our Partnership Opportunities page to view the current open volunteer positions.

Does Friends of Refugees offer internships?
Yes! For more information click here.

What is a Refugee?
A Refugee is someone who has fled war, violence, conflict or persecution and has crossed an international border to find safety in another country (source: UNHCR).

Where are Refugees from?
There are nearly 27.1 million refugees around the world. More than two thirds (68%) of all refugees and Venezuelans displaced abroad came from just five countries: Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar (source: UNHCR).