“You’re my sister now.” An intern’s experience with friendship.

This summer, we welcomed four interns for the summer. One of them was Jessica “Jess” Potter, whose picture you can see above. Today, I want to share about a moment where Jess experienced the power of friendship in our work.  For her internship, Jess served with Embrace Refugee Birth Support. She had gotten to know the 50+ […]

We’re Never Too Old to Flourish

Getting to know New Americans is an honor.  When we offer a warm welcome and wraparound support, we watch our community grow stronger in real-time. Anousheh is a great example of what this community-building looks like. An elderly woman from Afghanistan, she heard about Embrace’s Moms Circle gatherings and has been a regular attendee ever since. […]

A Growing Leader on Community and Abundance

“I like planting. I grew up having a farm in my country, so planting your own vegetables and eating fresh food is something I love very much.” Originally from Myanmar, Boi moved to Clarkston in 2016. He has one sister and three brothers, and Growing Leaders has been a bit of a family affair for […]

Equipping Mothers As Advocates

Abrihet* is a mother from Ethiopia who has attended our school for three years with her children. During class, our teachers noticed that her daughter might need extra support. They offered Abrihet the chance to do a screening. Abrihet was hesitant at first. Then, she spoke with our teachers, who listened carefully. The teachers shared […]

Volunteer Story: Refugee Women Inspire Lizzie

Lizzie was 13 when she first learned that women in Afghanistan weren’t allowed to go to school under Taliban rule. From that early age, she resolved to support Refugees, especially women. For awhile, she thought that would mean traveling abroad. Lizzie continues, “Then Kabul fell, and a lot of people were suddenly Refugees and traveling […]

100 Million People Displaced Worldwide

At the beginning of June, I marked the end of my first year with Friends of Refugees. When I came, I knew that coming alongside New Americans was a larger, more important task than ever. Between 2010 and 2020, the number of refugees and displaced people worldwide doubled. I could never have imagined that this number would […]

Flourishing Friendships: Megan and Merry Pai

Creating abundant life and flourishing communities grows with meaningful, mutual friendships. It was this desire to connect with Refugees and see them thrive that created Friends of Refugees in 1995. Even in the midst of our programming to equip New Americans, we never want to lose sight of human connection.  It’s one of the reasons […]

A Place of Welcome for Refugees in Clarkston

A place to gather is so important for New Americans. Hospitality is of high importance to so many of the cultures represented in Clarkston. Many of our programs need more space to grow as well. That’s why we’re so thrilled to have a Hospitality House to offer to the community now! We’ve been in the […]

Refugee Recipe Celebration 2022

In honor of World Refugee Day, join us for a day at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on June 18. Refugee cooks from several countries will demonstrate international recipes in the Edible Garden Outdoor Kitchen. Sample recipes from Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Connect with members of our team, and enjoy performances by […]

Every Little Bit Does Count

Recently, we learned about two very empathetic young members of our Clarkston community who took it upon themselves to make a difference for Refugee youth this summer. By piecing together their own savings from chores and holidays, they came to their parents with a generous contribution that their parents matched. We met with their mother to […]