Going Deeper: Tiffany Invites Kendra to Join WPO, leading to great collaboration

Finding friends in a supportive community can make all the difference. Collaborations and partnerships are essential for building abundant life in flourishing communities. We are grateful to have fantastic partners!

One of our newest partners has been the Women Presidents Organization (WPO), and we have Tiffany Alley largely to thank. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on this national organization, its Atlanta Chapter President, and how a growing friendship has deepened this bond even more. 

About WPO and Tiffany Alley

The WPO gathers women leaders making an impact. The WPO is for women who own companies that make at least $1 million in annual revenue. As its website says, “The WPO is a dynamic and diverse collective of women business leaders around the world who share insight in groups facilitated to drive game-changing experiences. Where you can validate everything that’s gotten you this far and cultivate new strategies that’ll take you even farther.” 

With this description, it’s no surprise that Tiffany Alley has held a strategic leadership role in the organization for many years. She and her husband co-owned a successful business for twenty-nine years, and it was during this time that Tiffany first joined the WPO. 

Tiffany explains, “It’s not a networking group, it’s a peer-learning group. We seek to learn and grow as leaders.We discuss wins and hardest losses. The whole person is welcome in the space. And in that space, we develop lifelong friendships.”

When she and her husband sold their company in 2015, Tiffany remained in the WPO. Atlanta has two WPO Chapters, and Tiffany still serves as the chair of both groups. She also co-founded Worth Consulting, Inc., where she offers her experience and actionable insights to other business leaders. 

All the while, Tiffany had been making an impact throughout the metro-Atlanta region. She sat on the Board of Kingdom Investments, a philanthropic organization that invested in Friends of Refugees. 

“That was one of my connections to Friends of Refugees,” Tiffany says. Her other tie was a dear friend who was (and still is) a faithful supporter of Friends of Refugees. This friend, Karen Guess, encouraged Tiffany to get involved, leading Tiffany to join the women’s initiative and do several projects at Refugee Family Literacy. 

“Since WPO is primarily for business leaders, there is only one spot reserved for a nonprofit leader or executive director. When Kendra Jeffreys came on board with Friends of Refugees, I knew she would be a great fit,” Tiffany recalls. 

She was right.

Tiffany says, “I see what a light she is to everyone in the WPO group—not just me. We get to see her heart for Friends of Refugees as an organization. And we get to see her heart for greater and greater impact.”

This growing friendship, along with the other bonds Tiffany and Kendra make among the WPO members, has sown greater flourishing for both Friends of Refugees and the chapter. 

Recently, the WPO Atlanta Chapter 1 championed a much-needed project: refreshing the Embrace Refugee Birth House. 

Tiffany recalls, “Our chapter visited the house in 2022, this special place where refugee women come when they are preparing to give birth in the US. As WPO members, we understand firsthand the impact of being together in a comfortable, inviting space as we get to know each other. We unanimously agreed to raise the needed funds together. 

In late August, the members of Chapter 1 visited the Embrace House again for their monthly chapter meeting, where they were thrilled to see the impact of their gifts and what their teamwork had accomplished.

The Next Chapter

When someone asks Tiffany about Friends of Refugees, she simply asks them if they’ve ever been to Clarkston. 

She laughs, “If they have never been, I tell them they’re not going to believe it. The entire world is right here, and we have the opportunity to serve. You could go around the world or on a thousand mission trips and not find an opportunity to meet or come alongside such a diverse group of people.” 

Instead of taking those thousands of trips, Tiffany encourages people to regularly give or serve in the community right here. This commitment is deeply rooted in WPO’s vision, too. 

“We’re about forming connections,” Tiffany says. To WPO, Friends of Refugees offers a powerful opportunity for mutual learning, mutual partnership. Tiffany calls the result of the partnership “effective compassion.” 

She says, “Everyone has compassion, but effective compassion is something else entirely. When we get to partner with organizations like Friends of Refugees, we get to invest in a model that is already tried and true. It’s so easy to feel empathy, and I feel proud to be ensuring that every member of our WPO chapter can translate that empathy into lasting relationships and impact.” 

We’re so grateful to Tiffany and the WPO for their continuous commitment to serving our Clarkston community and coming alongside New Americans. Truly, they embody what it means to be a welcoming friend.

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