We are grateful to have the greatest partners in this work of sowing abundant life in flourishing communities. Georgia Power is one of our faithful partners who more than live up to their internal motto, “A Citizen Wherever We Serve.” We are always amazed by the way their employees go above and beyond when it comes to investing in their communities and places like Clarkston. 

Georgia Power is known for its service and innovation for the sake of abundant life! This partnership isn’t about giving opportunities to a community—it prizes thoughtful service, connection, and welcome. 

We’re delighted to spotlight our friendship! We interviewed Krista Pierce, Senior Volunteer Services Representative, and Andre Person, Employment Recruiter, on behalf of the company. These two Georgia Power employees are dedicated partners in community engagement.

Georgia Power’s Connection with Community

As a company, Georgia Power seeks to connect with each employee with meaningful opportunities to give back. That’s part of why they have an entire division dedicated to community engagement. Through this department, Georgia Power partners with diverse communities across Georgia and connects employees with meaningful outreach and volunteer initiatives. 

As a Senior Volunteer Services Representative, Krista plays a key role in making those connections for employees possible. She got her start with Georgia Power 24 years ago, initially as a member of the customer service team. Over time, she worked her way to the community engagement team. She says her current role is her “dream job!” She explains,  “I get to work with a company that sees the value of nonprofit work. It’s extremely gratifying.” 

In her role, Krista supports 11,000 Georgia Power employees in finding meaningful outreach and service opportunities. These employees are members of 38 service chapters throughout the state of Georgia. In her role, Krista says, “We help our chapters and support them in doing everything they need. We identify partners and opportunities so that they can spread their impact across the state.” 

Each of these chapters is led by a committed employee like Andre Person. For the past three years, he has been the president of the Metro East Citizens, an area that includes Atlanta, Lithonia, and Clarkston. “Our drive is connecting with the community,” he says. Over the past few years, the Metro East Citizens chapter has participated in affordable housing initiatives, installed smoke detectors, planned community nights out, and more!

Connecting with Purpose: Georgia Power & Friends of Refugees Partnership

Georgia Power’s company values align closely with Friends of Refugees – it was just a matter of time before the partnership began to bloom. It did, thanks to Helen Shuford, dedicated Friends of Refugees Partner and exemplary member of the Georgia Power team. She volunteered her time in countless ways, even winning the Citizen Impact Award from Georgia Power in 2022. 

The more Georgia Power learned about her work with Friends of Refugees, the more they wanted to get involved. Krista says it gave them the opportunity to serve diverse communities, a core aim of the Georgia Power Service programs. “When I first heard about it, I thought, ‘Friends of Refugees can help us connect individuals, citizens, and chapters to teach us about different cultures!’” 

Andre, the connection to Friends of Refugees was personal. “I grew up not too far from Clarkston, and I knew it was very diverse. I grew up going to school with people from other countries, and I knew we could make a big impact if we directed our energy that way.” 

Krista and Andre learned about the opportunity to do some landscaping work in the backyard of the Hospitality House, and they were immediately on board. “We’re going to do this,” was the first thing Andre thought. He presented it to the chapter leadership team, and they were all for it! 

Not too long after, more than 20 members of the Metro East Citizens chapter rolled up their sleeves and began sprucing up the land behind the hospitality house. Andre even brought his own yard equipment. 

The group left the day sweaty and satisfied. “These projects really fill that space in me that I want to give back. I’ve been abroad with my family, and I know it’s hard to navigate a new culture. When I have been in a different country, I have needed people who were willing to welcome me, explain how things work, and let me know where it’s safe. That’s what this project was about – saying that new Americans are welcome, safe, and they have friends who will support them,” Andre says.

Krista echoes Andre’s sentiment, saying she has always had the passion to serve. “Knowing that a company like Georgia Power focuses on service as much as they do makes my work so meaningful. You get to break down walls, make genuine connections with others, and have an impact in a way that really counts.” 

Both Krista and Andre are ready to do even more to see communities flourish. Andre says, “It’s motivation. Projects like the ones we did remind us that it’s just a tiny portion of what we can do.” 

We are grateful for their commitment to serving others and nurturing abundant life. Thanks to the service day at the Hospitality House, children and families have been safely relaxing and playing in the beautiful yard behind the home.

The Power of Connection and Welcome

Friendships bring transformation. We’ve seen it on an interpersonal level, and we see it every day through interactions with partners like Georgia Power. We are proud to partner with companies that want to see other people flourish, and so glad that these partnerships allow us to meet people like Andre and Krista.
We know, like Andre says, there is far more we can achieve together. Let’s keep pressing forward with partners like Georgia Power to see refugees experience abundant life in flourishing communities. Email partner@friendsofrefugees.com to learn how you can partner with us.

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