RFL Graduation Loom from our New American Graduates

Happy graduation to all of our New American friends from the Refugee Family Literacy! We’re beyond elated to share about their incredible achievements as they pursue literacy to help their families grow and flourish. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them as they take this important step forward as graduates. We are also so honored to have been a part of their journey.

Every year, the graduates at RFL bring fabric from a dress, shirt, or other item of clothing from their home country to weave into a communal loom. This tapestry represents the diversity of our community and reminds us that we are all different, yet we fit together in a beautiful and harmonious way.

Our New American friends are empowered when we offer tools, resources, and support they need so they can thrive and flourish. Many of our teachers are refugees who have also walked the same path—their skills are invaluable to new students that pass through the RFL! These graduates serve as a reminder of the abundance of opportunity that refugees bring to our communities.

Congratulations to each and every one of the graduates!

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