Board Members

Kevin Kipfer

Profession: Interim Executive Director, Friends of Refugees

Board MembersJoe Breeden

Profession: CPA, CFO

Board MembersBrian Chang

Profession: Assistant Director, Asian American Ministries, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Board MembersLana Chumachenko

Former Refugee from Moldova, Profession: Commercial Real Estate

Board MembersJessica Latin Graham

Profession: Manager, Sparks Grove

Board MembersMitch Hughes

Profession: President, Differential Solutions Incorporated, and CEO, VirTeca

Board MembersDoris Mukangu

Board MembersJason Perez

Profession: CEO, Yardz and Veritas Management

Board MembersKaren Reynolds

Profession: Medical Device Manufacturing

Board MembersHelen Shuford

Board MembersAwet Eyasu

Amelia Ditzel

Board MembersChuck Shackelton

Profession: Human Resources Director, Coca-Cola, retired; Leadership Development

Nathalie Tomiczek

Grace Choi

Jongdae Kim

Board MembersPat Maddox

Profession: Founder, Friends of Refugees; Retired Nurse

**Each of our programs has an advisory council lead by its program director, which is made up of board members, volunteers and refugees who help it to run with excellence.**