Volunteer Opportunities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are interested in volunteering, below you will find some safe ways you can contribute your time to our community. During these uncommon days when many of our programs are restricted because of COVID-19 safety protocols, we are finding innovative ways to serve our community and to provide unique volunteer opportunities.

To become an approved volunteer, register for Virtual Volunteer Orientation by CLICKING HERE.

EMBRACE REFUGEE BIRTH SUPPORT: Host a Diaper Drive or Virtual Baby Shower

Who doesn’t love snuggling a brand new baby? While we can’t offer actual baby snuggles right now, we can absolutely share our Baby Shower Wishlist! Have your own children make a card to add to the gift. You, your family, or friends can safely welcome a new baby and support a refugee family by providing nursery essentials and words of encouragement.

AGRICULTURE AND NUTRITION: Get Dirty at the Jolly Avenue Garden

Have a green thumb or want to learn how to have one? Come help us water, weed, and grow vegetables for families affected by COVID-19 (mon/tue/wed/fri 1-5pm scheduled in advance). We also host once a month Saturday session, dates vary. Want to help us build garden capacity? Consider donating items from our Garden Wishlist.

REFUGEE FAMILY LITERACY: Sponsor an Outdoor Playday

We are seeking new items to engage our children in outdoor playtime at school. You can help by donating age appropriate (0-4) outdoor toys. We would love to receive balls of various textures and sizes, pop up tents or tunnels, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, shovels, watering cans, music toys, wooden sensory tables/sand box, or toy parachutes.