Thank you for supporting the ongoing work of Friends of Refugees! Frequently asked questions regarding our donation processes are included here.  If you have a question that is not covered here, please email so that we can address your concern.

Why are you changing donation systems? 

We discovered an option that offers more functionality in giving and will also save the organization a significant amount of money in processing fees.


Why do I have to set up a new account? Can’t you just move my donation over to the new system?

To protect your private donation information, such as your credit card details, we cannot automatically migrate the information. 


How will I know that my information will be secure in the new donation platform? 

Our new service provider, Give Lively, is PCI Level 1 Compliant, so you know your donation information will be secure. If you want to read more about the security and privacy provided by Give Lively, CLICK HERE


What happens if I do not change my donation to the new platform by September 30, 2021? 

Your account and giving to Friends of Refugees will automatically be deactivated on October 1, 2021.


Am I required to give to the same program or to give the same amount in the new system?

You can create your new donation to go to the program of your choice or “Give to the Greatest Need.” The amount you give is up to you. We hope you will consider increasing your donation, because we anticipate increased demand for all Friends of Refugees programs due to an influx of newly-arriving refugees from Afghanistan and other countries in crisis. We are grateful for whatever level of support you can provide. 


What happens if a double donation occurs? 

When you set up your new account, we will automatically deactivate your old giving account. However, if a double donation occurs, send a message to and we will issue a refund.