Interns have a double role at Summer Spectacular.

They love God and their neighbors in or near the Clarkston community.  Their day job is to be a summer camp staff member.

Love God and Neighbor in Clarkston

  • Maintain a relationship with the Father through prayer and Scripture meditation.
  • Participate in the summer discipleship program.
  • Make disciples of Jesus.
  • Work steadily and diligently, but having balance between ministry, play, and rest.
  • Be teachable and flexible.
  • Work alongside the other staff, interns and volunteers in a spirit of love, unity and humility.
  • Seek proper help and guidance when needed.
  • Help with various other tasks when time arises.
  • Make the most of opportunities in the community; visiting families of summer camp kids; developing relationships and sharing God’s love.
  • Adhere to the philosophy of ministry of Friends of Refugees.

At Camp

  • Shepherd the kids at all times.  Know where they are and what they are doing from the time they get picked up to the time they get home.  Hangout with your campers!
  • Teach, coach, counsel, protect, and mentor to every kid at camp.
  • Communicate necessary questions, concerns, and comments to the summer camp leadership.
  • Abide by the policies, procedures, and camp schedule as outlined in the Summer Spectacular Handbook.
  • Show up consistently and be dependable for the duration of camp. Come prepared each day and stay until all responsibilities are finished.
  • Display servant leadership and be a positive role model for fellow interns, volunteers, and the children of summer camp.
  • Ensure kids stay hydrated – oversee cleaning, distribution, and collection of water bottles each day.
  • Have as much fun as possible. Be crazy. Be goofy. Be responsible.
  • Be with your kids at all times, making sure that they make it to each segment of camp in a timely fashion.
  • Attend and lead volunteer orientation.
  • Debrief with volunteers.
  • Discipline and reward campers’ behavior when necessary and in accordance to the policies outlined in the handbook.