Our broader reach extends throughout the Metro Atlanta area. And of course,  we happily come alongside anyone who is able to attend our programs. We primarily serve Refugees and New Americans living in the larger Clarkston community. This is our heart and our core hub. 


About Clarkston

Throughout the years Clarkston has become known throughout the world as being one of the most diverse square miles in all of the United States. Nearly half of Clarkston’s 13,000 residents were born in a different country and more than 60 different languages are spoken here as a result. 

This influx of people from all over the world has transformed Clarkston from a sleepy, unassuming Southern city to one of the most diverse communities in the United States. Some call Clarkston the “Ellis Island of the South.”

Clarkston’s kaleidoscopic community has become a leading example of the joys and frustrations facing our rapidly diversifying nation. There is one unique reason for our shining reputation – we owe it all to the New Americans we get to welcome to our small corner of the world every year. 


Sowing Abundant Communities Throughout the Region

We have grown over the decades which has allowed our community to flourish and build abundant life both within Clarkston and beyond. Though Clarkston continues to be the launching pad of our programs, we have also grown alongside our community and serve all Refugees throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. 

The diverse tapestry that is our community continues to grow and evolve within Atlanta. These gifts of culture and diversity have completely revitalized our once sleepy Southern town into one of pure energy and ambition. With all the trials that may come with so many cultures interweaving, also comes a spirit of thriving and dreaming that you can’t find anywhere else. This unique balance is why we have always chosen Clarkston and why we will always serve Refugees.