A place to gather is so important for New Americans. Hospitality is of high importance to so many of the cultures represented in Clarkston. Many of our programs need more space to grow as well. That’s why we’re so thrilled to have a Hospitality House to offer to the community now!

We’ve been in the process of renovating a house and it is finally ready to be a gathering place for the community! The house was built in the 1950s and needed work on the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. Thanks to a grant from a local Atlanta partner, we will be able to replace the doors and windows to make the house energy efficient.

We are deeply honored and grateful to Yuni Min of Love Your Abode, who put the finishing touches on the house just recently. She took inspiration from the cultures represented in Clarkston and brought color, beauty, and functionality to the space. She made sure to integrate elements that would make the place feel welcoming to all our refugee friends, like floor seating and a tea-drinking station. Check out the amazing transformation.

We will finally have a place for families to gather around the table and a yard for kids to play in. We dream of baby showers and celebrations among many friends. The house will also serve as a place for our interns to stay. We are excited to see this place filled with laughter and welcome for years to come!

Photos by Yuni Min, Love Your Abode

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