Abrihet* is a mother from Ethiopia who has attended our school for three years with her children. During class, our teachers noticed that her daughter might need extra support. They offered Abrihet the chance to do a screening.

Abrihet was hesitant at first. Then, she spoke with our teachers, who listened carefully. The teachers shared information and stories of other moms whose children had gone through the same process. It was the assurance Abrihet needed. She worked with our staff to make sure her daughter could receive the screening. As a result, her daughter will attend a special program in the fall at school that will offer extra support.

Abrihet trusted our team enough to ask questions and to listen. She was able to get information tailored to her culture and in her own language. These are the pieces that empowered Abrihet to advocate for her own daughter.

Her daughter has already made huge gains in Refugee Family Literacy’s classes. We are confident that she will make even more progress this fall now in a program tailored to her needs. Abrihet is confident, too.
Your support equips refugee moms to flourish, and to make sure their children flourish, too.

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