Recently, we learned about two very empathetic young members of our Clarkston community who took it upon themselves to make a difference for Refugee youth this summer. By piecing together their own savings from chores and holidays, they came to their parents with a generous contribution that their parents matched. We met with their mother to learn a bit more about their inspiration for supporting our youth this summer and were thrilled to learn about their process:

“Our church has brought us in close partnership with Friends of Refugees for years now, so the girls have grown up participating in inclusive programs over at the Kristopher Woods Apartments. Since we’ve had our kids, we’ve been very intentional about exploring cultures and seeking out ways to connect with the Refugee community around us. Them being culturally intelligent and welcoming to all kinds of people has always been the goal. In a sense, I don’t really know if they have ever thought that Refugee kids were any different from them. They have always looked at New Americans as part of their lives and as members of the community they’re growing up in.

I think that’s part of why they were so ready to pool their money for a donation. They didn’t want other kids in the neighborhood to miss out on camp if they were able to enjoy camp themselves. Their decision to donate really wasn’t something they saw as a big deal or something they were special for doing, which I’m very happy about. They’re just normal kids, who are wonderful but not perfect, and they found a way to support something that was important to them. I think the main thing we want to share about this story is that if children are able to find it in their hearts to donate even just a little bit, really anyone can do the same. At the end of the day, it’s about supporting from the heart as a collective because every little bit does count.”

To our donors of all ages that have supported us this far, thank you for walking alongside Refugees as true friends.

As our young community members have shown us, it’s never too late to take the first step towards investing in the flourishing futures of Refugee youth!

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